Frequently Asked Questions


The Legion of Frontiersmen – Who are they?
The Legion of Frontiersmen is a voluntary uniformed reserve force. Its proud, unique history and military background combine well with its present skills and experience, providing local communities with a well-trained and disciplined body of men and women dedicated to serving the community, providing aid and assistance whenever called upon to do so. Unlike the T.A or its equivalents, members of the Legion of Frontiersmen give only whatever time and energy they can. In doing so, they know that they are contributing in a real way to the well-being and future safety of the community, with all the rewards that this has to offer.

What do they do today?
Although not an armed military body, the Legion of Frontiersmen throughout the world still models itself along military lines. All Troops and Squadrons enjoy an overall training programme which provides the individual member with a working knowledge of a wide range of disciplines, including Communications, First Aid, Crowd Control, Map and Compass Work and Field Engineering.

What are the aims and objectives of the Legion of Frontiersmen?
The Legion of Frontiersmen is not a political organisation and, holds its allegiance to the Crown. As a voluntary civilian body, the Legion has pledged its support to the community, and whenever required to the emergency services in times of need.

What activities are on offer?
Members of the Legion of Frontiersmen have the opportunity to visit the Continent as well as to parade in Whitehall. You can also take part in various activities including shooting, horse riding, and parachuting. It all depends upon how much free time you can spare. Remember that the more you put into something – the more you’ll get out of it.

What would be expected of me?
On joining the Legion of Frontiersmen you would be expected to attend Troop or Squadron training meetings with reasonable regularity and be smart in your appearance. Training and drill is undertaken by everyone within the Command and a strong sense of comradeship is enjoyed by all members. Members will be invited to take part in community events that take place all over the country.

How do I join?
Membership is open to persons between the ages of 18 and 65, whether they have been members of the regular services or not. Verifiable background information will be required to ensure that persons volunteering are of good character. The Cadet section is open to young people of 12 ½ and 18.

For Youngsters
If you are between the ages of 12 ½ and 18, the Legion of Frontiersmen has great opportunities in its Cadet section. You will enjoy all the training and other activities available to adult members, as well as many extra programmes of your own. You will be taught how to use your own initiative in a variety of situations and how to act within a team environment. Our annual camps are geared to put cadets through their paces.