About Us


Mission Statement

The Legion of Frontiersmen is a volunteer uniformed organisation. It is built on the same values and rank structure as that of Armed Forces. However, it is not a part of, or affiliated to, HM Armed Forces.

Our aim is to recruit and train all our volunteer members in order to create an organisation which is credible and fit for purpose in the provision of support to all emergency services and the community whenever needed. This is an ongoing process. However, The Legion of Frontiersmen has provided manpower and expertise to assist local authorities – most recently during the floods of 2014 where Frontiersmen aided the rescue of horses and other equines. To this end our members regularly train in various skills including:

  • First Aid
  • Survival Techniques
  • Canoeing
  • Shooting
  • Hiking
  • Navigation
  • Horse Riding/Care for Horses
  • Parachuting

Legion of Frontiersmen activities are all self-funded. In order to support and underpin these activities volunteers assist in raising funds for their regional Commands by providing manpower to handle Security and First Aid at major events including Shoreham Air Show, Hay on Wye Steam Rally and Talgarth Annual Fair to name a few.

Members parade at key events throughout the year, including The Cenotaph, London, and at the Remembrance Day Festival at St David’s Hall, Cardiff. This year a contingent of CMO Frontiersmen will parade at Ypres and lay a wreath at the last post.

Frontiersmen wear the traditional uniform of the Frontiersmen, being Rose Marie, (with the traditional Stetson derived from our founder member, Roger Pocock) or our tan utility dress which includes the wearing of our Russet Beret in order to avoid being mistaken for regular armed forces personnel. Members wear the Pendant of the 3rd Belgium lancers, with whom the Frontiersmen of H Troop served at the start of the First World War.

Those that are entitled, wear Countess Mountbatten’s Own medals proudly below any Gazetted medals achieved from their time served in the Armed forces.

We pride ourselves with our turnout, as an indication of our self-discipline and respect for others.